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Introducing the ultimate Collie pub heritage Taphouse Tour!

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant culture of Collie with our brand-new small group tour experience!

Join us as we traverse the newly refurbished Throssell Street in Collie, Western Australia, and embark on a journey through Collie's unique pub heritage, filled with stories of triumph, camaraderie, and the essence of local life.

Our adventure begins outside the Colliefields Saloon Bar, where we'll uncover the stories etched within its walls before delving into the historical pub hub of Throssell Street and visiting The Vic and the Crown Hotel.


Craft Beer Tastings: Immerse yourself in the flavour's of Collie with a tasting from Brew42. You will receive a tasting of two of their signature brews (that are currently available at the venue):

  • Red Tale: Irish Smooth Cream Style, named after the Red-Tail Cockatoo endemic to the southwest region.

  • Trains and Trails Irish Cream Stout: With hints of Coffee and Chocolate, paying homage to an old nearby locality and railway siding.

  • Bucks Bitter: Pale Ale Lager Australian Style, named after the township of Buckingham, colloquially known as Bucks'.

  • Powerhouse: Pale Ale: With the character of an Indian Pale Ale, named in recognition of Collie as the powerhouse of WA.

  • Blue Marron Lager: A genuine European style pilsner lager brewed at low temperature.


Fine Wine Tastings: If beer is not your thing, then indulge in the region's flavors with a tasting from our local Harris River Estate or another handpicked Southwest wine.

Shared Appetising Platter: Experience true Aussie hospitality with a delectable, shared food platter, showcasing the finest local flavours' and seasonal delights.

Exclusive Access: Gain entry into a private historic area of one of Collie's beloved pubs, unlocking hidden tales and treasures of days gone by.


Local Knowledge: Our expert guide will regale you with detailed historical accounts of Throssell Street's landmarks, uncovering Collie's past, present, and future.


Tour Includes: A visit to two local pubs, one free drink at each venue, a shared food platter, local knowledge, detailed heritage accounts, and access to a private historic area.


Dietary Requirements: Food allergies are catered for; please provide ample time [72hrs] prior to the tour for our local chefs to accommodate your requirements.


Don't miss your chance to experience a slice of Throssell Street's rich history and vibrant culture. Book your spot now and join us for a wee tipple, local culture, foods, and an unforgettable journey through Collie's pub heritage!

Fully restored heritage verandah street scape

Local Brew42
Harris River Estate
along with 
Australia's Southwest oak and copper distillery neighbors.


Local Crafted beverages & passionate people.
Enjoy local crafted beverages.

Unite with Colliefields Saloon Bar, Crown Hotel, The Vic and let the Taphouse Tour begin.

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