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Frequently Asked Questions  


Q Where do we meet - Forest Explorers will collaborate with you via phone message or email.

Wildflower Tours - depart at the Collie Visitor Centre 156 Throssell Street in the carpark at the western end. We have a silver 4WD Toyota.

Mural Town Tour 90min - departing the Wagon 82 Forest Street, Collie.

Q Can I take my wheelchair/mobility equipment on the trails.  - In Collie we have the CBD Mural Trail Tour. 2km west of Collie we have the Karak Trail. Wildflower and mural tours are offered across our region that are wheelchair friendly. We have an outstanding trail being constructed on the Wellington Mural landscape, exciting times for all.


Q How is payment collected - Forest Explorers has a booking system on Forest Explorers website or we do have a card reader, bank deposit or cash. 


Q Are there Snakes on the trails - No not usually, we all talk and make too much noise.


Q Is it very far - Our Wildflower walks are 1.5km situated 3km west of Collie. This is a grade three trail, some walking fitness required

The Jabitj Trail in the Wellington National Park is longer at 3km.The WNP is 31km west of Collie. This is a grade three and more rocks to traverse.

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