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Heritage Tours

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

WOW another tour is developing with a stroll down Collie's Throssell Street,taking in the new stunning decorative timber veranda precinct.

Discover unique pre 1900s federation buildings.

This is only a short post (no pun intended) to let you know we'll be ready to go undercover by winters arrival.Gee lots of puns to use 😉 😀

We have done it... now in the flow of tours and helping out others searching for that lost family member ,group support and other visitors to Collie WA.

The Coalfields Museum & Research Center,Jan Wallace Archives along with the Collie Visitor Center can make it possible to achieve a fabulous Heritage Tour experience from the past and present.

Contact your local tour guide Alison for your individual tours in the Collie River Valley.


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