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There are no strangers here only friends we haven't met.

What a day..Sun sun sun...Wild Flowers ..Wildflowers ...Local South West Wildflowers

After catching up with Simone @traaverse I jumped off the Darling Escarpment and headed down south onto the Banksia sand plains of Manea Park,Bunbury.

Joining the SW Wildflower Societies Mel,who lead us on an exciting discovery of a colorful 2km trail.About 6 others joined in, a good size to all chat and get to know each other and share the wildflower enthusiasm.

Little Dorsea where scattered on the ground and climbing up what they could while waiting patiently to catch a snack in their sticky tendrils.(They are carnivorous plants and use their sticky leaves to trap insects).

Not far off the path edge where also Spider,Jug,Snail,Mosquito and look at me Donkey Orchids :)

A great mix of Orchids all about to show you more in a few weeks.

The flowering (Parrot Bush)Banksia ilicifolia was in its natural environment with small,med and tall tree sizes.Stunning stages of the flowering process.

A must do walk for all ages and dogs on leads are welcome.

After 2 hrs and in need of lunch it was time to head back to the car park.

Meeting new friends and a day out in the sun,just brilliant.

pic of the day : Social Media gives a perception that the wildflowers are 2 - 4 inches larger than they really are.So i was shocked to see the size of the Pearl Flowers (10mm) Conostephium pendulum and the port & cream color in real time ,was so cool... :)

The cameras on the phones now days are outstanding.

Thank you for reading today's Wildflower adventure.

Stay tuned for more. Alison @forestexplorers


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