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Collie River Trails

I took a walk along the fast flowing Collie River via the Wiilman Bilya trail today.From the new foot bridge carpark to the lookout parallel with Collie Scenic Rd.

It has rocks,different elevations, steps,moss and becomes quiet narrow at times through the Melaleuca & Grevillea shrubs.

I was heading to join a group of other guests for the opening on the new Kylie MTB Trail,it's in the Westralia Conservation Block and has some beautiful country to explore even via the Karak & Bibbulmun Tracks on the north side.

It pays to watch where your putting your feet, because while i was fighting a face stick i tripped on a cut stump & ended up in the soft mulch.

Thinking how did that just happen. 😁

Anyway I made it to the opening of the new Kylie (Boomerang) bike trail, it was really good to see around fifty people that have been part of the trail development,land carers,politician's,Collie Shire representatives, riders & WA tourism members attending.


Today's tip - if your researching a Collie Trail they usually have the grade of the trail 👣 this one's a four with five being highest.Not one to be gazing around at scenery while you walk.🥾🥾

The TrailsWA website is a very easy reading place to start for your walk trail planning.


You could join us for a exciting guided walk on trails graded from 1-3. Promise i wont block the trail with my trip ups 😉 😀

Enjoy your time in nature and photos of the day

Forest Explorers 🌱


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