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Rain Rain glorious Rain

Its certainly can only mean one thing -

Wildflowers ,Wildflowers and more Wildflowers for the Collie River Valley.

I've just arrived back from the Pilbara and Kimberley, having great pleasure in grasping a bunch of knowledge and insight into tour guiding with our tag-a-along group and other tourism business's in Western Australia's great north.

I'm definitely very excited to be sharing this years forest flowering bloom and the landscapes with you all.

The Kimberly is in full swing before the wet season arrives and it was fantastic to have the opportunity to see how if flows for them.

There are plenty of plane and helicopter pilot positions if anyone has a licence :)

I've added two wildflower walks on the Wildflower Tour website page with inclusion for everyone in mind. The two guided tours run for 1.5 hrs, though we usually go over that time because there is always something that catches our curiosity along the way.

Really isn't that what its about,enjoying the outdoor with not having to rush.

If you'd like to book a day in advance,please contact me sooner rather than later.

We just love smiley faces for the pre Spring bookings.


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